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We think a clean carpet leads to healthier home. That is why we provide the best carpet cleaning process that extracts dirt, debris, dust and many Other allergens out from your carpet. Our steam cleaning system uses hot water, which is a powerful tool in sanitation. To ensure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned, we first use a pre -treatment solution. Follow this our truck-mounted steam cleaning machine, which pushes hot steam throughout the entire carpet and sucks away dirt. Then we extract 98% of the moisture out of the carpet, leaving you with a very short drying time period.


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Carpet Cleaning in Miramar FL can provide it's clients with fresh and clean carpets. We use non-toxic chemicals and steam to thoroughly remove stains and dirt from carpets. Additional carpet sanitizer and protectant can also be added to these services. We happy to move furniture to ensure every inch of your carpet is cleaned. King Steamer Carpet Cleaning in offers top-of-the-line carpet cleaning services, with the aim to restore the look and appeal of your carpets, not furthering tarnishing it. We use tried-and-tested, non-toxic products, and hi-tech equipment to perform carpet cleaning, leaving it looking almost like brand new and fresh smelling. We use deep cleaning methods with organic, pet and child-friendly products, allowing us to clean the carpets inside out. This enables taking out the trapped grime, dust, dirt, and bacteria deep with the fibers, ensuring 99.99% hygiene. Call us Now 954-624-6313 Same Day Service Free Estimate!

Stain removal

Our exclusive stain removing procedure Eliminates red wine, blood, fruit juice, food, urine and dirt stains. Works on most types of carpet without scrubbing.

Steam cleaning

Our steam cleaning system uses hot water, which is a powerful tool in sanitation. To ensure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned we use our powerful truck-mount.

odoR removal

Our Special formula stops urine and feces from generating odor. Eliminates pet odors immediately. Effective on carpets safe around children and pets.

fast drying

Our steam Carpet Cleaning machines make extra rinse cycle to ensure all cleaning agents are extracted, and on residue is left behind. Help your carpet dry faster.

safe cleaning

Our cleaning agents are eco- Friendly environment, animal and people-safe. Your pets and children can safely play on the carpet immediately after cleaning.


Our powerful protector for carpets Helps repel spills and stains. Won't change the look, feel, or durability of you carpet. Work Great after cleaning.